Boon Cafe


Were you ever that kid at school who was too embarrassed to bring out your lunch? We were those kids. But we also noticed the kid with the sandwich who always looked enviously at our lunch. Now we are a bit older we appreciate the value of our food heritage, and we want to make the ‘kid with the sandwich’ our version of a ‘sandwich’. Boon is our passion project to bring exciting new flavours to our loyal Chat Thai diners. Here you will find the comfort of familiar ingredients combined in completely new ways with artisanal goods from the best local purveyors we know. If you’ve never had chilli-relish in a sandwich, neither had we! But we liked it and thought you might too. We’re just really having a bit of fun with our lunches, and for dinner, we are keeping it traditional Isaan ~ you don’t mess with the original. Sarnie’s by day and Isaan by night. As the seasons change our menu will reflect the locally sourced fresh produce available at Jarern Chai. Stay tuned and eat up.

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