Argentinian BBQ

Bodega was opened by chefs Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz , along with Joseph Valore in August 2006. The one room tapas restaurant was quickly successful and very soon expanded to take over the cafe next door.

The three opened their second restaurant, Porteño, in September 2010. Porteño’s design was inspired by the Estancias of Argentina and the focus of the restaurant is traditional Argentinian BBQ. The restaurant space is complimented by a cocktail bar Gardel’s Bar, located upstairs from the main dining floor.

Both restaurants and Gardel’s Bar have been well reviewed by both the local and international press and public. Their accolades include a consistent placing on the Gourmet Traveller national top 50 restaurants lists and the awarding of Sydney Morning Herald Chef of the Year for Milgate and Abrahanowicz (2013). Other awards include SMH, Time Out and Gourmet Traveller for Best New Restaurant 2011 and SMH two Chefs Hat 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 at Porteno. Bodega has recurrently received SMH one Chefs Hat while Gardel’s Bar was awarded Time Out Best Bar Food and Design in 2011.

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