Saint Peter

Australian Fish & Seafood

Saint Peter showcases Australian sustainably sourced seafood. Their menu changes daily, as they choose the best quality fish available.

In addition to serving the freshest fish, their custom designed cool room allows them to offer an exciting new option of dry-aged fish. The fish is expertly cooked and served simply, paired with a vegetable that best highlights the species' unique flavour.

Their sustainable approach and appreciation of Australian fish is also exemplified by their offering of fish offal; including livers, swim bladder, roe, & scales.

On weekends they provide their guests with the opportunity to experience a unique and creative seafood brunch in the vibrant surrounds of Oxford St, Paddington.

Their attention to detail in all things fish, flows down into everything they do; from their vegetable preparations, to their exquisite tarts for dessert and Australian wine list.

Our Chefs


362 Oxford St

Paddington NSW 2021


02 8937 2530